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As part of the library work, we are starting a listing of on-line resources.  If you have a favorite site that you think others would find useful, let us know and we will add it to the list. Follow this link for a list of books in the library.

Please note:  These items are intended for the use of the APC members as spiritual and devotional aids.  APC may not support or necessarily agree with the opinions expressed by the authors.  Nor can the library staff monitor all the sites.  If you find material that is offensive to you at one of the sites, please let the library staff know and we will review and act as needed.  Contact info: Lisa Ryan ([email protected]) or Marilyn Friedersdorf ([email protected])

NEW! Added to the Library, Under Adult Education

In order to engage the Bible in the spirit of justice, compassion, and love, Jonathan L. Walton suggests reading the Bible in its world for our world. Perfect for individual or group study, A Lens of Love helps Christians to read and interpret the Bible morally and confidently as they engage society’s pressing issues. Walton provides interpretive tools to help understand the context of the Scriptures along with the Scriptures themselves in order to engage the richness of the Bible as they strive to live in the world in a biblically grounded, theologically sound, and socially responsible way (source:Amazon)

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  • Bible Resources: Glo Bible App (Also has Biblical History and Maps )
  • Daily Prayer:  now available as an App for all smart phones
  • Insight Timer: Meditation Timer App



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